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Breed: Cross breed

Weight: 39 kg

Age: Approximately 6


About Kai:

After being seized from her previous owner by the RSPCA Inspectorate and ending up in a no-kill shelter, she was adopted at approximately 18 months old. At the time she presented a multitude of behavioural issues and exhibited aggression towards dogs. We worked with Kai so that she can now participate in ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council) & American Kennel Club (AKC) events. Kai is the first Bull Arab worldwide to qualify for the TKA Trick Title, as recognised by the AKC.


Breed: Great Dane

Weight: 68 kg

Age: 4

About Lux:

Lux enjoys scent work and tracking, recently achieving a scent detection title through the AKC. As a puppy, Lux was the youngest Great Dane ever to achieve 'Trick Dog Champion' and is one of only a few Great Danes to have ever achieved the title.