BIGPAW Behavioural Training 

$195 Initial Consultation

$99 Follow Up Sessions

Perhaps your dog lunges, chases, seems to get along fine with canine friends whilst off-leash, but explodes with barking and growling when you are walking down the street. Whatever the behavioural issue, these problems can cause stress, impact your daily life and affect your relationship with your dog.


We are experienced in the treatment of behavioural issues and will design a program to alter your dogs behaviour.

BIGPAW Puppy Set-Up 


$225 Consultation includes a starter puppy pack.


You are about to bring home your brand new puppy and want to set them up for success, or maybe they've already arrived. We can help set up a perfect puppy environment for your new dog to come home to, and move past those initial training hurdles. Our behaviour management tactics combined with foundation training skills significantly reduces the potential for common issues with toilet training, teething, puppy biting, mouthing and excess energy which can affect your experience with your new dog.


BIGPAW Obedience Training 


$120 Initial Consultation

$90 Follow Up Sessions


Perfect for dogs that are going through their "teenage" period, rescues who may not have had foundational training in their previous life and dogs who have developed undesirable behaviours. 


Best suited to dogs who are struggling with mastering heeling or loose-leash walking, coming back when called, settling on a bed, name recognition, 'not listening when being told what to do' and all other general obedience challenges.