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At BIGPAW® we have extensive experience in working with rescue dogs. Laura even has her own rescue dog who was adopted as an adult with a multitude of behavioural issues she has since resolved. We have worked alongside shelters and rescue groups to train dogs whilst they wait for their ‘forever homes’, increasing their chances of being rehomed through behavioural modification and obedience training.


We are proud of our results working with our client’s rescue dogs once they arrive at their ‘forever home’. We understand the kinds of problems rescue dogs can present, as well as understanding the background and reinforcement histories which might be driving any undesirable behaviours.


Maybe your adopted dog came home with behaviour notes such as, ‘to be rehomed with no other dogs or pocket pets’, ‘not to be walked off-leash’, ‘loves its humans more than anything and does not want to be left alone’, ‘no children’ or you have noticed issues such as aggression, leash-reactivity, distress when left alone or any other behaviours which are affecting your relationship with and enjoyment of your dog.


The good news is that whatever background your dog may have come from, they have an opportunity for a new start today with their new owners. Applying science-based behavioural modification principles we can help support you with whatever challenges your new friend might be sending your way.


Get in contact with us to schedule a consultation so we can start the journey towards a well-rounded, rehabilitated canine companion.

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